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Kinky Kicks  

KinkyKicks.Net is the webs number 1 ballbusting site. With some of the sexiest girls on the planet hitting guys where it hurts the most. Features ball kicking, kneeing, stomping, punching, squeezing, slapping, twisting, biting and general cbt!

One subscription to www.kinkykicks.net also gets members inclusive access to archives.kinkykicks.net and www.tyrantteasers.com

KK Archives   Kinky Kicks archives exhibits the early years of Kinky Kicks, including amateur ballbusting movies with a real husband and wife couple and early developments into the Kinky Kicks we see today.

Tyrant Teasers


Tyrant Teasers explores the world of pain and pleasure. Focussing one general femdom, ballbusting and femdom. Features ballbusting, handjobs, blowjobs, footjobs, cock & ball biting and more!!!

NB. All CCBill affiliate redirects currently point only to www.kinkykicks.net which is reflected in our affiliate promo tools.

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